Sex and the City Movie

So I finally saw it. I would have loved to see it in the theater with one of my BFs, but they’re all out of town. All of them. What are the odds? Considered asking the hubster to accompany me but realized it would completely ruin my enjoyment. So I finally ended up watching it online here. Pretty good quality, considering. I would have preferred to see it in the theater, though.

All in all, I liked it. Not so much the beginning, but as it went on, it got better. The part in Mexico was pretty funny. Carrie and her “Mexicoma,” Charlotte and her Montezuma’s revenge. Of course, as is typical, the one who was most afraid of getting sick and took the most care not to, was the one who ended up getting sick.

What I came away with was that it’s not just men who screw up relationships, it kind of takes two to do that. When rehashing romantic problems with the girlfriends, we side with each other against the guys and sometimes we forget to look at how our own attitudes and actions are also to blame for the situations we find ourselves in.

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